How do I know you’re not cowboys and won’t run off with my money?

AMG Building Service Ltd are a reputable company, believing in high standards and quality of work, we deliver what we promise for the agreed price. Every thing we do is confirmed in writing either by a signed contract or written quotation.  We have been operating from our current office for the past 8 years and have had the same phone number since 1990.

Are you cheapest?

We are competitive; but we don’t price our work to be “the cheapest” like wise we don’t price to be “the dearest”, we always price to do the work properly and to a high standard. Our price includes every thing needed to complete a project safely and properly.

Can I reduce the cost of my quote/estimate?

You can by reducing the scope of work or specification, less work equals less cost.  Items such as doors, windows, sanitary ware bathrooms, tiles, kitchens and floor finishes vary greatly and usually there is something available to suit all budgets. If there are more cost effective ways of achieving the desired result, AMG Building Services Ltd will always offer this alternative.

Do I have to pay up front?

No, Smaller Works are usually invoiced on completion.  For larger projects a deposit and stage payments will be required, this will all be detailed in the contract.  The deposit is not due until we have started on site and the final payment not due until the project is completely finished and you are 100% satisfied.

Is your work insured and guaranteed?

AMG Building Services Ltd. carries full public liability, employer’s liability, contract works and plant insurance. All workmanship is guaranteed by AMG Building Services Ltd. Materials and fittings are also covered by the relevant manufacturer’s warrantees. All Heating and Gas work is carried out by a GasSafe registered engineer. All electrical work is carried out by a NIC EIC registered Electricians in compliance with BS7671 and building regulations part P

Will there be Additional costs on top of the price I was quoted?

No, you will get the agreed work detailed in the contract, estimate or quote for the agreed price.  There will only be additional charges should you require additional works to be carried out or unforeseen works arise or are required by building control.  This can occasionally happen with ground works and certain other areas that can not be seen by the architect, builder or building inspector prior to commencement. AMG Building Services endeavour to pick up these things on survey or prior to commencement of the works as we don’t like unexpected surprises any more than you do!

Why do the prices I’ve received form various builder vary so much?

Different companies pricing exactly the same specification may have slight differences in operating costs, but if all the works are priced properly there should not be much difference, but unfortunately their are companies that can’t price properly therefore there prices look cheap, unfortunately if they can’t price properly they usually can't build properly either, therefore they will either run out of money or cut corners or both.  At the other end of the scale, some companies are just plain greedy!

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Choosing the right builder is very important if you are extending, refurbishing or constructing your home or workplace, you are about to undertake a serious project on probably your largest lifetime investment.  It has to be carried out correctly and safely to your desired end result.  You want to feel safe in the knowledge that your investment is being improved and the value increased by good quality craftsmanship. We have put together a few frequently asked questions for your information. Should you have any other questions or would like to discuss things in further detail please contact us by phone or e-mail.

AMG Building Services Ltd  FAQs

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